CAIRO EXPERIENCE with Privatopia by Handan Ozbilgin

Director: Handan Ozbilgin

I am not back to reality! I am not in NYC: 
This is the second performance in Egypt. I am still sitting in the seat in the theater absorbing the amazing and intense energy of the audience. I can hold the tension, anger, emotion in my hand. My heart cannot take a third one. The world is sick and whenever I  go to the theatre, I wanna be part of it. I wanna feel it! Because all I do is to feel the pain, anger,  loss…our daily existence… 
Privatopia, our play, our baby, is triggering a reaction in them..An audience member said after the first performance, this play was a slap on the face. Another attendee, an immigrant from Yemen stood up yesterday in the middle of the audience and proclaimed loudly, “we need to act! We need to protest.” At that moment, there was no barriers between what was acting/reality/us/them? none of these classifications mattered. We were in a space that reactions and emotions were fluid. None of us wanted to leave the space….My heart…  I am still in that seat. 
I have a hard time believing in change but in these moments I believe in the power of it, where we witness a spark  of humanity. 
The view from my Cairo balcony….In that seat and in this city I am humbled. We are humbled, heroic and  together again.


Steven Hitt    Luisa Alarcon   Toni Ryan




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