The House of Bernarda Alba

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We are running out of tickets quickly! Last chance to see it is Friday May 12th!

LPAC & LAGCC Theater Department Collaboration
The House of Bernarda Alba was written under the context of rising fascism in Europe during the 1930’s. This re-imagining of the classic Spanish play about five daughters living under the oppressive rule of the matriarch, Bernarda, will put into relief Lorca’s irreverent and highly poetical approach to the theater.


The annual New York Forum of Amazigh Film (NYFAF) is a showcase of features, documentaries, and shorts about and by Amazigh/Berber people and cultures in North Africa and the diaspora. NYFAF’s mission is to create a space where filmmakers, scholars, and musicians whose work focuses on indigenous Amazigh identity and culture can share their knowledge and enthusiasm with a diverse audience. Through parallel discussions with filmmakers and scholars, live performances, arts exhibitions, and receptions, the New York Forum of Amazigh Film seeks to disseminate Amazigh cinema and promote understanding and support preservation of the history, culture, and language of Amazigh peoples in North Africa and in the diaspora. From May 4 to 5.

Rough Draft Festival 2017


Rough Draft Festival Promo Video

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The Rough Draft Festival is a celebration of artists/organizations and their work under development. Rough Draft features a wide array of artists whose work is at various levels of development. RD Festival provides stipends and space for artists to develop their work- in- progress. I am so pleased to work with these amazing artists on the Rough Draft Festival’s 4th edition, and hope you’ll join us to see their excinting new work.


Lab Director, Festival Curator, Handan Ozbilgin.

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Emerging Choreographer Series February 22nd, 2016 – February 23rd, 2016

The Emerging Choreographer Series (ECS) is a participatory mentoring program providing new or aspiring choreographers with tools to create, develop and premiere a new finished work. Thanks to the partnership between LPAC and Mare Nostrum Elements (MNE) participating choreographers receive up to 60 hours of free rehearsal space, artistic feedback from established choreographers, production and logistic consultations as well as weekly meetings to exchange ideas with fellow choreographers. Participants also receive financial aid to remunerate themselves, their dancers, cover the cost of costumes, props and other production expenses. The Program culminates in 2 fully produced performances on Feb. 22 and 23, 2016.